Family Break Ups Cause heartache – who gets the pet?

As a counsellor I have been contacted about family break ups and the heartache involved in one or other party having to give up the family pet. I notice that some solicitors are recommending a legal agreement in the event of a split so that both parties understand exactly what will happen. This is not [...]

HOT DAYS – CARS and danger to pets

Cars and dogs do not go together in hot weather – for them your car is like an oven so please leave them at home! If you must take them with you give them plenty of water and air – leave the windows open and take them out regularly – they will dehydrate very quickly [...]

Grieving a Pet is Universal…and help is on hand

Grieving a Pet is Universal…and help is on hand

No one is immune to the devastation of losing a pet. My friend Tom and I have just lost a lovely rescue grehound – Milo. He won virtually every race he took part in but was a gentle giant who sadly developed back problems and had to be put to sleep. Our decision was to [...]

The Power of the Dog…

The Power of the Dog…

THERE is sorrow enough in the natural way From men and women to fill our day; And when we are certain of sorrow in store, Why do we always arrange for more? Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware Of giving your heart to a dog to tear. Buy a pup and your money will [...]

Is Your Rabbit Aggressive?

According to a well known vet, oestrogen, the female hormone, can cause some does to become aggressive when they reach maturity.  Their sharp claws and teeth can cause nasty injuries so the best solution is to have the rabbit spayed.  In any event you can prolong the life of your female rabbit because they are [...]

Prepare for Bonfire Night in the UK!

November 5th and the weekend following Guy Fawkes night is a difficult one for pets.   Please make sure your pets are in a safe place – when you plan your Bonfire Night party – fireworks can be extremely frightening and you do not want to lose a pet because they run away in terror!   Ensure [...]

I know, I have been very quiet…

It’s been a busy time recently and in fact for the past few months! On my video About Me I talk about living in Kent, but I have moved to Suffolk and also moved my counselling practice onto Skype as well as Suffolk and London! Skype has been very useful when talking to people around [...]

Animal Welfare of Egypt – AWOL

This small charity is providing free veterinary care and treatment for hard working donkeys in the impoverished villages of Luxor’s West Bank. Its medical centre has just had its first anniversary and if you want to know more go to: –   Also, please Like my My condolences to anyone who has recently [...]

Thank you for your comments and prepare a pet for travel..

Thank you so much for relevant comments – a lot are very nice about my writing but many  are about selling things and are not appropriate for this site and they won’t be posted – just so that you know!   Are you travelling abroad with your dogs and anticipating more time in the car [...]