What if Your Pet Loses a much Loved Friend?

Pets can grieve profoundly if they lose a beloved companion or friend so it is best to prepare them if you know that they might lose a friend to illness or simply that they are old and coming to the end of their life.  Develop new hobbies and types of play for your pet and [...]

Nearly 50% of pets visiting the vet are overweight!

Sometimes pet owners can be in denial about the true state of their pets’ health.  Keeping your pet at the right weight can add as much as two years to their life span – so wouldn’t it be better not to over indulge them?   Throughout the UK there is a Weigh in Wednesday Campaign in [...]

Losing a Pet Can Mean Several Things

You can actually lose your pet and not know where it is – this is another meaning of pet loss and it is very distressing.  PetLog – the UK’s largest database of microchipped pets and joined up with My Dog UK to build a new dog alert system.  You can enter your pet’s microchip number [...]

A New York Horse and a dog have a conversation and become friends

Something to make you smile on Bank Holiday Sunday in the UK:

Monitoring Dogs with heart failure

You can get a free app from ITunes (produced by Cardalis) that will help pet owners to monitor the progress of dogs suffering from heart disease – a condition responsible for 8 per cent of all dog deaths.  The app measures breathing rate and if it increases this is a good indication that medication may [...]

thank you…

I do appreciate all comments and feedback – someone mentioned spelling – maybe because I am English I sometimes spell things differently to Americans!   I would very much appreciate keeping content relevant ( ie no advertising in comments for non pet related goods).   People visiting the blog are interested in tips and articles about pets!   [...]

Animals and Grief

It is now known that animals can experience grief just as we can.   An extra comfy bed, extra cuddles and distractions can help your pet to recover although with some who have lost a beloved companion they have had for years, it may take time.  With cats, a Feliway diffuser that plugs into the wall [...]

Prolong the life of your pet by monitoring fat content of treats!

A cat or small breed of dog only needs about 300 calories a day so please, please don’t overfeed your pet – they do not need all the extra food people give them and it is not kind to feed an animal until it is overweight. this can put undue stress on joints, internal organs [...]

Guinea Pigs Are Herd Animals – what to do if you lose one..

Someone wrote to me about their guinea pig who had died – she was one of a pair and she wanted to know if she should buy another one to keep her remaining pet company. These animals live for between 5 and 7 years and they love company – they have been known to cry [...]

The Death of My Pet has Made Me Angry.

Since the death of Mary’s pet she told me she has become really angry and that she feels like exploding at people all the time. I talked to her via Skype and said that she is grieving for a pet she lost in particularly difficult circumstances. The stages of grief cover a wide range of [...]