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Prolong the life of your pet by monitoring fat content of treats!

A cat or small breed of dog only needs about 300 calories a day so please, please don’t overfeed your pet – they do not need all the extra food people give them and it is not kind to feed an animal until it is overweight. this can put undue stress on joints, internal organs [...]

Guinea Pigs Are Herd Animals – what to do if you lose one..

Someone wrote to me about their guinea pig who had died – she was one of a pair and she wanted to know if she should buy another one to keep her remaining pet company. These animals live for between 5 and 7 years and they love company – they have been known to cry [...]

The Death of My Pet has Made Me Angry.

Since the death of Mary’s pet she told me she has become really angry and that she feels like exploding at people all the time. I talked to her via Skype and said that she is grieving for a pet she lost in particularly difficult circumstances. The stages of grief cover a wide range of [...]

How You Can Help Who is Someone Suffering Pet Loss

Coping with pet loss has many different facets depending on the circumstances on what actually happened.I am often asked ‘how can I assist my child (wife, girlfriend etc) with what they are feeling right now after losing a pet. I don’t understand what they are going through – or how can I assist them to [...]


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A warm welcome to my pet loss blog!

If you have lost a pet you may be experiencing many different emotions depending on your individual circumstances.  I hope my forthcoming articles will be helpful and if you want to take control of your emotions – ranging from anger, despair or loneliness – you can get help when you need it – here, in [...]