Gardening for Grief

Much has been written about the benefits of gardening and nature on mental health – particularly now during the Covid19 crisis.  I have a delightful little urban garden which has given me a great deal of joy during lockdown and periods of isolation.  One particular person has inspired me to learn more and to experiment with new ‘looks’ and ideas – Sarah Raven.    She is a highly experienced gardener, writer, and teacher and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Anyone – no matter what their circumstances, urban, country, high rise, balcony, courtyard or rooftop can benefit from gardening particularly in a time of grief – a time when you or your family have lost a beloved pet.  Indeed, many people like to make a memorial to their pets in the garden as a peaceful place to visit and reflect on happier times.   Why not create your own special place to remember your pets or to spend time with your animals?

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I want to encourage you to learn more about working with nature – about planting, propogation, and just digging in the earth!   Our pets love spending time outdoors and they will relish being with you as you plan, purchase and prepare your special place!

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