Grieving a Pet is Universal…and help is on hand

No one is immune to the devastation of losing a pet. My friend Tom and I have just lost a lovely rescue grehound – Milo. He won virtually every race he took part in but was a gentle giant who sadly developed back problems and had to be put to sleep. Our decision was to get another pet immediately and we rescued PHOEBE who is much smaller but the same lovely ‘blue’ colour which is grey!

She is bringing a lot of joy to our lives already.

One of the reasons I wrote What To Do When Your Pet Dies – A Personal Survival Guide is because people find it very difficult to cope when they lose a pet – sometimes it amazes people just how strong their feelings are and how the grief affects them for so long. The circumstances may be very different to our loss, but they may involve telling children about the death of a pet, or coping with the disappearance of a pet and never knowing what happened to it.

There are so many tragic scenarios. My book which helps people to cope on a daily basis with Comfort Cards – is available as an e book or an actual book on Amazon, which means it is available worldwide, day or night:

Here is the short link:

and here is the long link:‚Äč

Please feel free to share it! I do wish you well and send my sincere sympathy if you are going through pet loss or can help a friend through a similar experience. As for us – we are loving having Phoebe and teaching her how to live in a family home!

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