Happy New Year to all my readers!

(thank you to all of you who have said you like my blog and find it helpful…but please (to those who do it…) do not post inappropriate comments or things for sale on my site – they will not be shown!)

There have been suggestions about using more articles and videos on my site which I hope to do this year! 2013 was rather hectic and I also broke my ankle so I was distracted and I was doing a lot of counselling on Skype as a result. If you want counselling for any reason you can find me on www.mootu.com or on my Skype ID fiennesd. I am building my practice globally on Skype now and that includes help with pet loss.

We lost one of our farm dogs this year – a charming Jack Russell called Scruffy! He had a long and happy life in the heart of the country and is buried in the woods by a beautiful lake where there are swans and ducks. It is a very pretty environment and we can visit him as we pass on our walks with a Golden Retriever, a Lurcher and a young yellow Labrador – with maybe two cats trailing behind! I have two dogs staying at the moment Daisy and George who rush around enjoying all the wonderful smells we have on the farm but today they are VERY muddy….

I realise that life may not be so happy at New Year if you have lost a much loved pet – my heart goes out to you because one of our tenant’s dogs went missing this morning for a short time (chasing a rabbit?) and we all had that slightly sick feeling not knowing what had happened to her (she’s not that fast so the rabbit will have got away! All ended well, but if you are feeling blue or unhappy having lost a pet please take care of yourself.

Warm wishes for 2014

PS you can join the debate on which is best – a cat or a dog! www.catsvdogs.co.uk Have fun!

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