A warm welcome to my pet loss blog!

If you have lost a pet you may be experiencing many different emotions depending on your individual circumstances.  I hope my forthcoming articles will be helpful and if you want to take control of your emotions – ranging from anger, despair or loneliness – you can get help when you need it – here, in my mini course or with my 70 page downloadable e book Journey Through Pet Loss.

My book has helped people within hours or days to feel calmer and has reduced their anxiety and pain, even if they had no idea what to do when they found my book.   Grief is a difficult process and some people find it difficult to feel enthusiastic about anything – Journey Through Pet Loss led them on a gentle path to recovery and helped them to find their courage and serenity again.    There are many facets to ‘losing’ a pet and my e book covers all sorts of possibilities that you and your family may have experienced.

If you are suffering at the moment I do send my heartfelt wishes and condolences.

Best wishes


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