I know, I have been very quiet…

It’s been a busy time recently and in fact for the past few months! On my video About Me I talk about living in Kent, but I have moved to Suffolk and also moved my counselling practice onto Skype as well as Suffolk and London!

Skype has been very useful when talking to people around the world about their pet loss, and other problems. It gives them great flexibility – no travelling and easy access to me wherever I am. Isn’t technology wonderful!

I have been working with a lovely greyhound called Milo who was a successful racing dog before he was adopted by my special friend, Tom Ambrose in Suffolk. Milo appeared to be aggressive with small dogs (the ones that looked like the fluffy thing he chased at the race track!) and he would sometimes give off the wrong vibes to larger dogs. It is important that we realise the difference between aggression and being anxious. The latter is what Milo is, and he needs a little care and attention and loving discipline in the wider world he now lives in.

Socialising and giving him confidence has been a joy and he is now more alert, enjoying his walks and appears much and more confident. He and Tom have a special bond and he is a lovely dog with children and his extended family. Adopting a dog like Milo who is now 4 is very rewarding and greyhounds are particularly affectionate and charming. Tom’s other dogs were also older rescues and they are buried in his garden.

We all take risks of being hurt by loving our pets but we would not have it any other way. Please don’t ignore older rescues if you have lost a pet and are ready to adopt a new one and be aware that any dog can give the wrong impression – anxiety can be confused with aggression.

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Thank you for the feedback on my book Journey Through Pet Loss – it continues to help people all over the world who are suffering the loss of a beloved pet.

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