Losing a Pet Can Mean Several Things

You can actually lose your pet and not know where it is – this is another meaning of pet loss and it is very distressing.  PetLog – the UK’s largest database of microchipped pets and joined up with My Dog UK to build a new dog alert system.  You can enter your pet’s microchip number on the My Dog UK App – keep the phone with you and if your dog goes missing you can get an alert to PetLog.  For some members the vets and authorities in the area will be alerted too – you can download the App at the Appstore or Android Market and search for My Dog UK.

Personally I will never walk without my mobile again – I broke my ankle close to home which was lucky, but my neighbour broke hers two fields away from home – she was bowled over by a ewe – and she had to crawl all the way back!  The ground in the UK has been wet and muddy for months so beware…my dog is extra careful now as he senses that I have an injury – not least because I cannot walk him!       Please Like my Facebook page wwwfacebook.com/pageforpets

Thanks and have a very good Sunday.    For those of you who are grieving a pet, you are in our prayers.

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