Pets during Covid Lockdown

Pets are often the witness to our soul and our emotions.  If you live alone or are in isolation your pet’s face may be the only one you see in real time!   If you are with family, our pets can give us enormous comfort and distraction.   Dogs particularly love to please and show gratitude and they pay careful attention to your emotions and they will be aware that, from time to time,  you may be feeling quite alone and that times have changed.  They will want to be close to you and will relish a routine which will be good for you too – they offer a responsibility outside of the self.

The only flaw is that a pet’s life is often all too short – children may have known no other time than when their pet was alive and the loss of a pet can be profoundly painful.  But we enter into that relationship joyfully and, with luck, we know that we will have 12 or more summers with them during which they offer unconditional love – which sounds like a pretty good deal to me!   Love your pets, never forget about fostering a dog or a cat or indeed adopting – stay safe and keep well!

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