The Death of My Pet has Made Me Angry.

Since the death of Mary’s pet she told me she has become really angry and that she feels like exploding at people all the time. I talked to her via Skype and said that she is grieving for a pet she lost in particularly difficult circumstances. The stages of grief cover a wide range of feelings, starting with shock and disbelief. Many people experience a ‘what if..’ period or an ‘if only..’ period and Mary falls into this category. She blames herself. She also blames her pet for leaving her because its loss has created a gaping hole in her life. The only way to heal is to talk about the anger rather than pushing it further inside – it will always find a way out, and often inappropriately. Mary was relieved to know that what she was going through was normal response to loss and she is now approaching each day with more understanding. You can book a counselling session with me or have help on hand every day with Journey Through Pet Loss.


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