the Long Walk Together – Dogs and man through history

Congratulations to history writer Tom Ambrose on his latest book which gives a fascinating insight into our relationship with man’s best friend. It is available on kindle and as a paperback: Here are the links. Amazon kindle: £1.99

Paperback £4.40

Tom says : “Men and dogs have shared adventures since earliest times.There have been royal dogs such as Queen Marie Antoinette’s little spaniel, Thisbe or Lord Byron’s giant Newfoundland, Boatswain. Pet dachshunds such as Picasso’s Lump or William Randolf Hearst’s, Helen. Dogs have crossed the USA on foot in exploring the Louisiana purchase  or in an early car with one dog, Laika, even  going into space. Dogs like Rin Tin Tin, Toto and Lassie have starred in films. In Europe, giant St Bernard’s have rescued travellers in the mountains. Owning a dog became an essential PR tool in the USA and nearly every president has had one. Dogs have followed man to war including Prince Rupert’s Boye or the famous American Sergeant Stubby or the black poodle, Moustache in the Napoleonic wars. Above all it is the fidelity of dogs to man that most impresses, such as the loyal Shep in Montana during the Great Depression and Hachiko who, like Greyfriars Bobby, remained loyal even after his Japanese master had died. All are here in this tribute to the unique bond of friendship between man and dog.”

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