Things are opening up – a little – but what about our pets?

Many people have bought a puppy during lockdown and have had lots of time to spend with their new pet.  But, things are beginning to get back to some sort of normality and I am praying that many of these animals are not going to be abandoned during the daytime when people go back to work.   It is cruel and senseless to leave dogs, particularly, alone for hours on end with nothing to do.   So my plea is that you watch out for this in your neighbourhood and offer help if someone is unable to cope with their pet responsibly – offer to  walk it, offer to pop in and keep it company, offer a dog walker, suggest they join

Borrow my Doggy works for people who would love a pet but cannot have one – they will help you out for free and the membership is about 80p a week!   It is proven that many breeds have the intelligence of a 3 or four year old child – and just as much energy.! Many working breeds are left with anxiety as they cannot drain their natural energy.   Encourage friends with these breeds to get puzzle toys, to run with their dogs or involve them in appropriate activity.

Enjoy the opening up of the world but, please, not at the expense of our pets.  Having had a great deal of attention from all the family they will be horribly lonely when things change.   Never never leave them outside with no shade, no water and of course, never in a closed car which can become like an oven very very quickly.

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