Monty Don loses his beloved dog Nigel and talks about loss

Listen to Monty Don on YouTube talking about how having his hands in the soil helped him to cope with the loss of his beloved dog    Gardening is very therapeutic, as is being outside generally and being with nature.    Many people have found this to be true during lockdown when plant sales have gone through the roof!   Even the tiniest space can provide huge pleasure, food for the house, colour and healthy activity.

I believe strongly that exercise and hobbies like gardening can hugely benefit people who are grieving.   Monty talks eloquently about losing such a beloved companion who was very much a family member.   My book – What To Do When Your Pet Dies – has helped people all over the world.   Each person grieves differently but when you have a focus, when you have ‘something’ like tasks to complete in the garden you can grieve in a healthy way.    Listen to Monty here:

Stay safe and enjoy your pets and your hobbies!


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