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A lovely way to remember your pet….

I came aross Liz (search for tillybella) on my No1PetGirl Instagram account.  She will paint a picture of your pet on board to hang on the wall and she can work from photographs.   She shows examples of her work and it struck me that this is a lovely way to commenorate a pet or as [...]

Monty Don loses his beloved dog Nigel and talks about loss

Listen to Monty Don on YouTube talking about how having his hands in the soil helped him to cope with the loss of his beloved dog    Gardening is very therapeutic, as is being outside generally and being with nature.    Many people have found this to be true during lockdown when plant sales have gone through [...]

A Recommendation for Sheila – and a difficult decision..

Sheila went through some heart wrenching times with Archie who had heart problems – he was managing to enjoy his food and his walks in the park but he became increasingly breathless.  Sheila had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep which, in semi lockdown with Covid 19, was even more distressing [...]

Things are opening up – a little – but what about our pets?

Many people have bought a puppy during lockdown and have had lots of time to spend with their new pet.  But, things are beginning to get back to some sort of normality and I am praying that many of these animals are not going to be abandoned during the daytime when people go back to [...]

Pets during Covid Lockdown

Pets are often the witness to our soul and our emotions.  If you live alone or are in isolation your pet’s face may be the only one you see in real time!   If you are with family, our pets can give us enormous comfort and distraction.   Dogs particularly love to please and show gratitude and [...]

Your pet in lockdown!

Your pet in lockdown!

            Many of us have been adjusting to new routines these past few weeks. Like us, many of our pets are also likely to find this change difficult.    And a bustling household and reduced exercise may mean our animals display more problem behaviours than usual – especially dogs who [...]

Caronavirus Update for Your Pets

On 13 March the World Health Organisation said “at present there is no evidence that companion animals/pets such as dogs or cats can be infected with the new coronavirus”. Several global health organisations have issued advisories saying there is no any evidence that pet animals can spread coronavirus or indeed be infected with it in [...]

the Long Walk Together – Dogs and man through history

Congratulations to history writer Tom Ambrose on his latest book which gives a fascinating insight into our relationship with man’s best friend. It is available on kindle and as a paperback: Here are the links. Amazon kindle: £1.99 Paperback £4.40 Tom says : “Men and dogs have shared adventures since earliest times.There have [...]

Pet Safety at Home

I was contacted recently by Greg Geilman an Estate Agent in Manhattan Beach, California who sent me a very helpful article on Pet Safety in the Home and I will be giving you some tips and hints from this article, which you can find in full in LINKS AND RESOURCES on this website. Some pet [...]

What To Do When Your Pet Dies – A Survival Guide

What To Do When Your Pet Dies – A Survival Guide

My book is selling all over the world and bringing comfort to those who have lost a pet. Losing a pet comes in many forms and all are extremely painful and harrowing. What to Do When Your Pet Dies goes through the grief process but more importantly gives a series of coping mechanisms to get [...]