A Recommendation for Sheila – and a difficult decision..

Sheila went through some heart wrenching times with Archie who had heart problems – he was managing to enjoy his food and his walks in the park but he became increasingly breathless.  Sheila had to make the difficult decision to put him to sleep which, in semi lockdown with Covid 19, was even more distressing than normal.   She has another dog, Ben, and he was showing signs of sadness so she bought my book.  Sheila posted this message on Facebook and I was so pleased that she found coping strategies and comfort from my book.

“A book ‘What to do when your pet dies’ written by Denise Fiennes on Amazon for £4.95 was recommended to me when I lost Archie. I would recommend this book to anyone who is grieving for a lost loved pet. It is an easy read and full of coping strategies. It’s written as if the author is speaking to you directly and feels your loss. If you or you know of anyone who is struggling do read it, I’m sure it will help.”

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